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Guerreros de la Locura

The Guerreros de la Locura were formed in 2002 under the leadership of one Major Jesus Ruiz Alvarez. Their first mission was to capture the head of Saddam Hussein’s  WMD research, Mohammed Bin Ibrahim. The job went south when Ibrahim was shot en route to the Pakistani border, the GL chased the man but lost him and had to leave empty handed. Upon returning they were reprimanded but due to the impending invasion of Iraq they were allowed to continue operating with the understanding that if they screwed up again it wouldn’t turn out so well.

Initially the team was assigned to lower priority missions which were achieved usually above expectations. With the mounting successes, the team was assigned higher priority and higher visibility missions and the successes continued to mount. Through much of 2008 and 2009 the team pursued escapees from Hussein’s regime and terrorist leaders that had infiltrated Iraq in the months and years after the initial invasion. On mission in Kandahar in early 2010, the team gained intelligence that the assassin would be returning to Iraq. In march 2010 a man surfaced as a candidate for president and the GL recognized him as the man who shot Ibrahim in 2002. Lt. Col. Alvarez reported this to the brass but was denied as no proof was ever found that the assassin ever existed. However in August just before the President declared all combat troops be withdrawn, satellite intelligence confirmed the information and operation was authorized to kill or capture. The team was assigned an off the book mission to go after him since he was now a figure in Iraq national politics and the US government could not have direct involvement.

The GL went after the man but instead of actually assassinating him and becoming rogue for performing an assassination attempt against orders the man got away and evidence was found that the GL had been on the take from the beginning and had let the assassin/presidential candidate go, twice. Now on the run from the U.S. Government the GL has turned to The Final Option of becoming mercenaries in hopes of being hired by Executive Outcomes. 

The Members

Army Lt. Col. Jesus Ruiz Alvarez Operation Control
Navy Lt. Commander Richard ‘Boom’ Boomer Demolitions
Army Sergeant First Class Tom ‘1921’ Highway Heavy Weapons and Tactics (Also the XO)
Navy Chief Petty Officer Markus ‘Doc’ Johnson Medical (Jesus is prone to calling him Nurse)
Navy Special Warfare Operator First Class John ‘Ghost’ Maston Close Combat
Air Force Captain Charlie ‘Chappy’ Sinclair Long Range Eliminations and Transport
‘Retired’ CIA SAD Special Agent “Ralph Pendleton” Comms, Tech, Intel, and Acquisitions

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