By 2012 the economy had forced the US government to make tough decisions. With combat operations ended in Iraq in 2010 and in Afghanistan 2011, they began cutting the US military budget. The new military doctrine was that future conflict would involve small units and air power, so several of the large standing military brigades were stood down. This freed up resources for deficit reduction and the myriad of social programs that were being instituted. This created a perceived vacuum in international power. The result of this preception was the flare up of brush fire and civil wars as every would be tyrant and petty warlord thought it was open season to seize power. This lead to ever increasing deployments of special forces units in covert and black book operations, as well as an explosion of private military contractors being hired by governments and corporations to protect their assets.

In this shadowy world of security contractors, anyone with the right skills can make money. Additionally companies’ are leveraging these organizations to enforce their policies in far flung areas of the globe. The organizations that do this tend to be smaller and outside the public eye and generally don’t work for the governments in their own country, but they will also work for any other country that wants to use them. These organizations have an informal market established between themselves for the services that they provide and the supplies and logistics that they need to conduct operations. The two largest companies in this space are Executive Outcomes, the largest security contractor, and Secure Global, the largest logistics and transport company. These two companies use smaller companies as fronts for some of their operations and it is believed that they also operate black organizations that operate outside of the law to accomplish missions for clients.

This is the shadowy world that the PCs will be entering. The grey area between what is legal and what is not. Being on the run from the US government limits their options as they cannot get employment with the legitimate security contractors, so they must look to the darker side. In the quest to clear their names, will they be able to hold onto their integrity, or will they make compromises in an attempt to prove their innocence.

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