El Centenario

El Centenario is a cantina in Mexico City that is the employer of Jesus’s favorite waitress, Maria. It is a small cantina popular with the locals. It is located in a dangerous section of town, so it is rarely visited by tourists. Most of the patrons know each other, so new people tend to stick out.

The leader of the the Mariachi Band used to be a popular musician many years ago, but he has been mostly forgotten. The rest of the band is made up of young neighborhood guys that he is trying to keep out of the drug gangs.

The bartender, Hernandez, is a friendly sort, and knows his fair share of the local goings on and gossip. He is also capable of taking care of himself, and there are several people who say that he was an enforcer for the Cartels at one point in his life. They just don’t say it around him.

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El Centenario

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