The Final Option

It Has Begun
It Started

The group was hanging out in El Centenario, their favorite watering hole in Mexico City. Jesus still couldn’t bring himself to talk to Maria, tonight barley being able to order his drinks. Shortly after Chappy arrived, Jesus received a phone call from George Markins to meet him at Chapultepec Castle to discuss a new job. Before leaving he had to buy Maston another bottle of Tequlia to keep him out of trouble.

Jesus leaves for his meeting. Arriving late in the day, the Castle is nearly deserted. He makes his way to an area closed to tourists and after a quick look around, hops the rope and makes his way down the dimly lit stair well. At the bottom of the stairwell, he sees Markins waiting for him with his laptop setup on some crates. He shows Jesus some pictures of Chichen Itza and enhanced satellite photos of a strange metal object about 1 kilometer out in the Jungle. He explains that the metal has strange markings on it, and gives of a strange energy reading. He asks if Jesus and his team will retrieve it and deliver it to him in Ciudad Juarez at Ole Bar Chamucos within 72 hours, as he has made arrangements to get it to the United States. Jesus agrees to take the mission for their usual fee.

Jesus heads back to the bar and fills the team in on the mission. They head back to their base of operations and load up a Humvee with equipment they think they will need, including a Browning M2 and tripod. The group headed out in the early morning hours to beat Mexico City’s infamous traffic and get out on the open roads.

Around midafternoon Chappy noticed they were being followed by two black vans with US Government plates. Maston jumped in the bed of the Humvee and opened the tailgate, to see that the vans had gone from pursuing, to intercepting. He opened fired with his M4 and was surprised to the side of the van detonate with reactive armor defeating his DU rounds. He also heard the distinctive whine of a super charger as the vans accelerated alongside causing is HE grenade round to land where the rear tire had been. After an attack helicopter showed up complicating the situation, some fancy driving from Chappy got them off road and away from the vans, mostly.

Maston, with several cracked ribs from an excursion with the dashboard, setup to fire at the helicopter with his M2, but a well-placed shot by a sniper in one of the vans, with a Barrett M82 disable his machine gun. A second shot took out the rear tire. The team made for the foothills of a nearby mountain to take cover. A well placed missile from the helicopter finished off the Humvee. From their elevated position the team watched an assault team fast rope in from a pair of UH-60s to track done and capture the team. Chappy tried to take out several with well-placed shots, but their body armor proved too strong. After a demonstration of strength, including outlining Doc in a coffin shape using grenades, the team decided it would be best to talk.

The commander of the team, Col Ted Stryker, informed Jesus about why they were talking to his team. His explination was unique if not outlandish. He informed them that aliens are in fact real, and that the US Government has organizations that are fighting them. The group they had been working for unknowingly is known as the National Defense Directorate (NDD). They have formed an alliance with an alien race, but in reality they have become beholden to the aliens. Stryker outlines Aegis, the group that is opposing the NDD and all aliens, and asks if Jesus and his team will join. After Jesus agrees, Stryker shows the item they are supposed to recover and asks them to deliver it as planned so they can see who the NDD is working with. He then asks them to go to Chichen Itza and explore a strange energy source emanating from deep beneath the main Ziggurat. They agree and Stryker provides them with a new Humvee to complete the mission.

The run to Ciudad Juarez is uneventful as Stryker has supplied forged military identifications and papers to get them past the Federales. They enter the city and find the cantina without incident. After meeting George Markins inside and discussing the detail of the delivery, Jesus returns to the Humvee to await the arrival of the pickup team. After about 15 minutes, a restaurant delivery truck pulls up and three men get out. A brief heated exchange happens between Maston and Jesus over a bottle of Tequila that he was supposed to bring back. Jesus finally agrees to back into the cantina and goes up to the bar to get Maston’s Tequila, but he balks at $300 price and instead brings back a cheap bottle. This doesn’t go well, so it’s back inside to get the $300 bottle. With that settle the case is turned over and everyone is happy. As they are about to leave a pair of cars comes speeding buy with shooters spraying bullets into the cantina cutting down Markins as he comes out the door. Jesus runs over to “check on” him, but his efforts are stopped as a man pops out of the sun roof of one of the car’s and fires an RPG-7 at the cantina destroying and knocking Jesus into the Humvee, dislocating Maston’s shoulder and even worse spilling his Tequila. After all that, the team headed back to their base and prepared for their mission to Chichen Itza to investigate the energy source.

After getting some rest and reequipping, the team makes the drive out to Chichen Itza, there was a quick stop at Cheesy Taco, as Jesus was hungry, but other than that the trip was uneventful. They arrived at the site at sunset with a festival starting. Realizing they would not be able to enter the Ziggurat, unnoticed, they decided to use an alternate water entrance accessible form one of the cenote’s that are around the site. After a repel to get to the water’s surface, they made the dive to the tunnel entrance, arriving in a cave that connected with an underground level of the Ziggurat. While making their way down the hall, Maston tripped a pressure switch, and Monkey Idols started firing darts at them. Avoiding the darts, and a fire breathing monkey guarding the entrance to the stairs, he got through the entrance, only to have the stairs collapse into a slide under his feet. The team managed to get to the bottom of the slide, with Maston’s shoulder once again getting dislocated by Jesus, they were at the start of another tunnel.

This is where the group ended the night.

The Final Option Adventure Log!
The Final Blog

The initial background for the campaign and the PC team has been posted. The character creation rules are also up in the Wiki. There is also a list of the US Military Ranks available.


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