Lt. Col. Jesus Ruiz Alvarez

Quiet, morally grey commander of the Guerreros de la Locura


Jesus Ruiz Alvarez was born in 1968 of two illegal immigrants, Lupe Gonzales Ruiz and Juan Hernandez Alvarez. Being born on American soil made him a citizen, but his parents were deported shortly after his birth and he was left in the care of the State of California. Jesus grew up in foster care and group homes until 1982 when he was arrested and convicted of manslaughter at age 14. He spent the last 4 years of his childhood in Juvenile Detention. Upon his release Jesus had nowhere to go so he joined the U.S. Army as a Special Forces Candidate in hopes of making something of himself. Jesus was a star soldier and was promoted quickly and in 1988 he was transferred to the 5th Special Forces Group based in Ft. Campbell, KY. While in the 5th he played a part in operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Haiti, and Kuwait. During his downtime Jesus attended and graduated college and applied for OCS in 1990, which he completed with flying colors and was assigned back to the 5th Special Operations Group as Second Lieutenant.

After many years of dedicated service in the Green Berets, then, Captain, Alvarez was invited to interview and test for 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta in 1997. Over the past 13 years Alvarez has formed a team of the most dedicated and allegedly insane soldiers he’s come across in his work. Due to the type of missions his team is usually assigned they have adopted a nickname; Guerreros de la Locura; given to them by a Mexican General when they were there helping with FID. Jesus owns a house in Charlotte, NC that stays vacant as he spends most of his time on base in Ft. Bragg or in Mexico visiting his family and quietly watching Maria at El Centenario cantina.


While in Mexico helping with FID Jesus discovered a little cantina called El Centenario. It’s a small dimly lit place where workers go to have a beer after work. But Jesus could care less about the beer; he goes there for Maria, a waitress who often entertains the patrons by dancing to the music played by the house band, Los Chicos. The unit often teases him about going to see her and never talking to her more than to ask for another beer, but he feels it would never work out because of the work he does.

Sergeant First Class Tom ‘1921’ Highway

Alvarez first met Tom in 1993 during an operation in Somalia dealing with some downed helicopters. Years later after Alvarez joined SFOD-D, now Staff Sergeant Highway met Major Alvarez while working in Afghanistan in 2001. In 2002 when Alvarez was given the go ahead to form his own Delta team he decided he wanted men he could trust, not necessarily seasoned Delta soldiers so he called up his favorite NCO, Staff Sergeant Highway to be his XO.

PO1 John ‘Ghost’ Maston, CPO Markus ‘Doc’ Johnson, and LCDR Richard ‘Boom’ Boomer

Throughout his operations with Detla Alvarez had heard stories of a SEAL who always went above and beyond the call of duty. His name was PO2 John Maston, under the command of an acquaintance of Alvarez’ Commander Samuel Lucas. In 2002 Sam Lucas and two of his team members were KIA. Taking the opportuniy before he was reassigned, Alvarez approached PO2 John Maston about joining his Delta team. Maston turned him down as he had enjoyed working with Boomer and Markus and was hoping to be reassigned with one or both of them. Knowing that USSOCOM has plans for Boomer and another SEAL team needed a medic, Alvarez instead pulled some strings and had all three SEALs assigned to his Delta team.

CIA SAD Special Agent ‘Ralph Pendleton’

Ralph originally met Alvarez during the ‘downed helicopter’ mission in Somalia in 1993 while he was working with the Delta Force guys there. Alvarez was just a 2d Lt. at the time and didn’t merit remembering at the time. Years later just after Alvarez joined the D-Boys he met Pendleton again on a mission in Peru. Again in 2002 Pendleton liaised between his SAD team and Alvarez’ newly formed Delta team on the mission to kidnap Ali Haddad. After Pendleton’s ‘retirement’ in 2004 Alvarez would occasionally contact him when he was desperate for info on a mission and although paranoid and quite off his rocker, Pendleton is always reliable.

Lt. Col. Jesus Ruiz Alvarez

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